Top 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Practice Website

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Dental and medical practices continuously change—new services, new staff or locations, new procedures and equipment. The same can be said of the Internet and web technology. What was cool and cutting-edge a few years ago may be obsolete today.

These days, your audience’s first impression of your dental or medical practice is based almost entirely on your website. Website redesign can be daunting and requires time and money, but it’s enormously rewarding. A current and well-designed practice website is a great investment because it remains one of the founding elements of your marketing strategy.

While there are plenty of reasons to delay revamping your website, here are 5 good reasons why you should give your practice website a complete makeover now.

1. To Make it a Mobile-Friendly Using Responsive Design 
The number of people turning to mobile devices in search of dentists and doctors are growing by leaps and bounds. If your site is old and inaccessible from mobile devices and different browsers, you’re missing out on potential revenue from a new generation of tech-savvy patients.

2. To Stay Competitive
Dental and medical practice remains competitive, so standing out in the crowd should matter to you. If your competitors have updated their sites and you haven’t, it makes them look new and inviting, which can negatively impact your bottom line.

3. To Rebrand and Reflect a Modern Practice
Your online presence is looking tired, dated or stale; giving your visitors the impression your dental or medical practice is just as dated. Impart the right impression with your visitors by showing them how your practice is up-to-date with services, techniques, equipment and products. Rebrand and introduce a new logo, cleaner layout, fresh content and easy-to-read fonts to get your current patients excited and attract new patients.

4. To Incorporate Social Media
Social media sites give your practice an opportunity to engage and interact with your patients in a modern way. It’s about connecting directly with your community and earning the respect and recommendations of your patients.

5. To Improve Functionality and Usability
Website redesign is the way forward if you want to integrate a blog, reviews and patient portal. This ensures that everything flows seamlessly throughout the site, without looking like the new features have been forced.

If it has been years since your website was last designed, it’s time to splurge on an upgrade. Choosing a company like Solution21 that specializes in custom medical and dental website design and the medical website is crucial to the success of your website redesign. Call Solution21 at 949-336-7575 and our web specialists will discuss how we can help make your website work better and assist you in reaching your marketing goals.

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