Reputation Management

An intuitive way to generate reviews and boost your practice’s reputation

Solution21’s Reputation Management System is a patient review management system designed for modern dentists and doctors.

Your reputation is the core of your dental or medical practice. The evaluation of your staff and services allows you to recognize you and your employees, while offering insight in areas that may need more assistance. Without a reputation system in place, it is easy for patients to leave negative reviews elsewhere online such as Yelp and Google+.

Solution21’s Reputation Management System offers the most intuitive way to immediately gain feedback from your patient shortly after their visit. Ensuring your patient’s satisfaction lowers the risk of damaging your online presence, delivering better customer service and loyalty to your practice. It is easy to use than other reputation platforms.

Solution21’s Reputation Management System has many customizable features, instantly capturing feedback, giving you more control of your online presence.

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Reputation management for healthcare practices

Enhance Office Service and Efficiency

Reputation Management System will help increase your office’s service and efficiency, by addressing the comments and reviews left by patients during their visit.

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Highlights of Solution21’s Reputation Management System

  • Automated feedback links sent by email or captured in office
  • Simple and quick feedback form takes seconds to complete
  • Reduce negative reviews left on other review platforms
  • Promptly address negative comments to strengthen your service
  • Customize feedback request, thank you, or follow up emails
  • Highlight reviews directly on your website
  • Increase your online influence
  • Modify feedback form to custom fit your practice
  • Import information from your practice management software
  • Automatically synced with Solution21’s Patient Appointment Management System
  • Enhance patient experience
  • It’s affordable for even the smallest practice

More Features

Patient’s Feedback

Setting up Solution21’s Reputation Management System is easy. Import your list of patients from any CSV file on the system once and you won’t have to enter patient information again. It is even synced with our Solution21 Patient Appointment Management System.

Request Feedback by Email or Survey In Office

We often forget negative reviews also affects new patients intake, impact revenue, negative press coverage, and ability to hire quality individuals. Solution21’s Reputation Management Software allows you to request feedback from your patient on the spot. By immediately addressing a patient’s negative review, gives you first hand control to strengthen your service and gain control of your reputation.

Live Support

As always, Solution21’s Reputation Management System includes support from our customer support team to help you be successful.

How can Solution21’s Reputation Management System help you boost your online presence, increase your office’s service, and maintain high patient satisfaction? Request a free demonstration and discover how Reputation21 features can positively impact your practice.

Enhance Office Service and Efficiency

Reputation Management System will help increase your office’s service and efficiency, by addressing the comments and reviews left by patients during their visit.

Reduce Negative Reviews

Solution21’s Reputation Management System will help put an end to unsatisfied patients posting negative reviews online by capturing their feedback immediately after their visit. This allows you to acknowledge patient satisfaction and provide better quality service.

Highlight Reviews on Your Website

Reputation Management System lets you instantly publish selected reviews to be featured on your website, enticing new patients.

Your reputation starts with their first impression. Let us help.

You have one shot at making a good impression. With a well-designed site, even a small practice can project the image and professionalism of a much larger practice. The inverse is also true. If a large dental pactice website is badly designed and hard to navigate, they will completely lack percieved professionalism and credibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man practice or a 10,000-employee corporate giant; if you don’t have a website, you’re losing business to other doctors that do.