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  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    Catapult your practice to the top of search results
    with this leading online advertisement platform

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    Catapult your practice to the top of search results
    with this leading online advertisement platform


Catapult your practice to the top of search results

Pay-per-click advertising for healthcare practices lets you achieve instant search engine exposure

Solution21 positions your PPC advertisements in premium spots on your choice of search engine and/or social network.Your website visitors are sent to a tracked landing page that allows for us to track the performance of each individual advertisement. As we are focused on healthcare pratices, we have gained good insight into how patients search for healthcare services online and leverage that to make your PPC campaign profitable. At Solution21, we develop PPC campaigns that generate new leads and the best possible return on your PPC investment.

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Types of PPC Advertisements

PPC can be a stand alone campaign, or an indispensable addition to your overall search marketing strategies. By combining your PPC with your SEO and SMM, you can gain exposure to more potential patients and generate more leads to your practice. The most effective types of PPC are:

AdWords for Doctors

Get instant results with AdWords for Doctors, the leading pay-per-click (PPC) internet advertising. It’s the best way to get ahead of the local competition. What you pay for each click on your target keywords depends on the maximum amount you are willing to pay for. Read more about Dental AdWords


Leverage the power of Remarketing by recapturing your website visitor’s interest, who have previously visited your website, as they browse the web and convert them to new patients. Read how Remarketing works.

Maximizing Your Pay-per-click Investments

PPC advertising has the advantage of immediate exposure, attracting the specific leads you want. People who click on your PPC ads are searching for the specific practices and healthcare services you offer. To get these PPC leads, you need a strategically developed campaign. Solution21 will work closely with you to optimize and maximize your PPC results. Our highly trained team will work to continually tweak your targeted keywords and settings to best maximize your PPC advertising budget.

Keyword Selection. Based on your specific goals, our PPC experts will analyze keyword phrases that your prospective clients will likely use.
Transparency. We don’t have any hidden fees.
Create Your PPC Advertising. We create concise and impactful message and value proposition to inspire site visitors to click on your ad.
Design Effective Landing Pages. Design high-converting and compelling landing pages to match your PPC ad.
Bid Optimization. We proactively observe data, patterns and trends to make sure you get the greatest value for your ad spending.
Ongoing Optimization. Our PPC experts monitor keyword volume & adjusts your ads so it reaches the most number of people at the lowest possible price.
Distribution Control. Complete control over where and when your Pay-per-click ads will run.
Performance Metrics. Implement changes to your Pay-per-click advertising based on performance metrics.
Reporting and Analysis. the new leads, keyword performance, cost per click and other factors related to your PPC advertising.
Customer Support. We provide customer support to help address concerns regarding your PPC campaign.

Target the potential patients you want to attract

When you use Pay-per-click, your biggest return on investment is not possible unless the targeted leads you want find and click on your sponsored links. Using strategic keywords and market research, we work closely with you to target the potential patients you want to attract.

To find out how Solution21’s PPC advertisement for healthcare practices help generate new leads, increase revenue and improve return on investment, please call 949-336-7575 or sign up on the form below for a FREE healthcare marketing consultation.