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Common Plastic Surgeon SEO Mistakes

Professional SEO experts know the inside story on how to improve site ranking and the strategies that work to drive more traffic to a plastic surgeon’s website — and more patients in the door. They also can spot the glaring mistakes that some so-called “SEO professionals” make. ROI is measurable. If your SEO consultant is not helping your drive more traffic to your website, the strategy is not working.

Search engine optimization may appear to be a task that can be easily tackled; not true. The process is exceptionally complex when performed correctly, and covers a range of activities that must be managed with the ultimate attention to detail. At Solution21, our team of experts has an exceptional level of understanding in the technology behind SEO, including online user behavior and the factors involved in driving traffic to your website – and they are many.

One of the most damaging errors that can be made in SEO is putting a focus on the wrong keywords or phrases. Users searching for a plastic surgeon type certain words and phrases into the search bar; to drive business to your practice, it is necessary to select the most effective words and phrases – those that produce leads for you. We go above and beyond in keyword research, whether your practice is in a heavily-saturated urban center, or a less populated area.

Plastic Surgery SEO Strategies Help Get Your Practice to the Top of Search Results– and Generate More Leads

A keyword phrase has multiple words, and in the SEO industry is called a “long-tail” keyword. These are phrases like “who is the best plastic surgeon in Seattle?” Essentially, long-tail keywords are real world questions and phrases typed into the search engine by a user who wants information. These long-tail keywords can produce massive interest and traffic, but many SEO consultants fail to identify the most effective long-tail phrases, and try to get a site ranking with the most basic keywords, such as “Seattle plastic surgeon.” This keyword won’t produce much in results, as every plastic surgeon in the area uses it. Targeting and using long-tail keywords – the right ones – drives traffic to your site.

A specific location and specialty keyword may not produce results in an organic (not paid ad-driven) search. Your geographic area does make a difference; but a keyword that is too defined could limit the number of potential patients that find your site. Our team of SEO experts works behind the scenes to identify the most effective keywords and phrases for your practice and your specific geographical area – the keywords that are most likely to produce results.
Our SEO experts understand the unique challenges faced by plastic surgeons in the USA, from the largest metro areas to smaller towns, and who focus on various procedures or specialties. We know the importance of selected the right keywords and phrases in driving more traffic to your site, and the full spectrum of actions, both technological and content-based, that drive interest, result in new leads, and inspire potential patients to connect with your practice.

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At Solution21, we are proud of how our skilled online marketing and SEO teams operate, and of their dedication to producing results for our plastic surgery clients. We have helped hundreds of medical professionals increase their online visibility. We don’t leave anything to chance, using cutting-edge analytical tools to measure results and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-changing field of online marketing. Call us for a FREE SEO consultation.