Patient-Acquisition Strategies for Medical Professionals


Patient Acquisition Strategies for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals who run their own practice want to see their practice grow over the course of time. The goal is to enjoy exponential growth by not only retaining current patients but acquiring new ones. Patient-acquisition is an important aspect of any practice and should be a focus of all medical professionals. If you are seeking new customers and want to use today’s technology to increase your client base, here are a few strategies to consider:

Website optimization

While many medical practices have functioning websites, there is more to acquiring patients than just having an online presence. Companies such as Solution21 offers website optimization services which focus on making sure the website is designed to bring the right traffic to your practice. This includes keeping templates updated and optimized for search engines, displaying new content regularly, and ensuring compatibility across browser platforms.

Regular blog posts

Optimizing a website isn’t the only step to improving website visibility. By hosting and maintaining a blog, you can also increase exposure for your practice. Blog posts are a great way to attract new patients with question and answer style articles or issues and concerns that may bring patients to seek your assistance. It is also an excellent way to share more information about your company and build a personal relationship with your potential clients. By offering this free, no-obligation content, patients may consider you as a prospective provider in the near future.

Patient Aquisition Strategy - Blogging

Use e-newsletters to your advantage

A great way to regularly update patients about your profession and keep your company at the forefront of their mind is by setting up a way for potential customers to sign up for an electronic newsletter. This mailing list is a great way to send practice-specific articles or savings that may boost patient growth. Patients are more likely to visit a practice they hear about regularly.

Connect through social media

Social media makes it easier than ever for even the smallest of organizations and businesses to get the attention of others with minimal effort. Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook provide a great opportunity for marketing a business with a system that is proven to work. Many practices benefit from sending out “tweets” or Facebook news feed posts about health care services or problems which can bring them to the attention of others in a fast and effective manner.

Utilize word of mouth

With today’s social media, it is easier than ever to obtain clients through positive “word of mouth.” Maintaining a social media account that posts regularly and allows patients to share updates is a great way to form a community of brand ambassadors. Social networking and word of mouth can greatly increase conversion rates for many practices that may otherwise not be connecting with their potential client base.

Maintain connections within the community

Community involvement is often overlooked by many medical professionals. Using a strategy such as this can help doctors and dentists in connecting one-on-one with the adults, students, children, and even other professionals within the area and surrounding cities. Building a reputation within the community can also assist with improving patient-acquisition through word of mouth. Practices may want to consider developing scholarship programs for potential college students, organizing a canned food drive, or even building a float in the local summer parade.

If you are a medical professional truly interested in growing your business in a tried-and-true fashion, now is a great time to consider putting to use many of these strategies. Companies such as Solution21 can assist busy medical professionals in putting these techniques to work for their practice to see amazing growth in new patient-acquisition.

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