Medical SEO Best Practices for Healthcare Providers


By Frank E. | Solution21 | Director of Client Support

Medical SEO Best Practices for Healthcare Providers

Over the years, several breakthroughs have been made in the medical field. While every day there are advances in technologies and medicines, one of the most notable breakthroughs is in the way doctors and medical professionals are advertising their businesses. A primary focus when developing a website and maintaining it for a doctor or clinic is to take into consideration medical SEO, or “search engine optimization.” SEO for medical use is continuing to grow in popularity—and necessity.

Potential patients are browsing the internet to search for reputable medical professionals

Millions of Americans use the internet to find the information they need each day. Finding a medical professional is no different. Doctors and physicians need to utilize the internet as a proper advertising platform to boost business, reaching more prospective patients than any other means such as the phone book, radio advertisements, and television commercials.

How does SEO help medical professionals reach an audience?

SEO is the use of special phrases and keywords in content which helps search engines discover specific webpages when individuals make a search request. Most people will search for the type of doctor and their location to find potential practices. For example, someone in the area of Chicago searching for an orthodontist for their child may type in “Chicago orthodontist” or “Braces in Chicago, IL.” These phrases can be used by doctors in their content and on the backend of their website to boost internet—and physical—traffic to their practice.

Using keywords and phrases effectively

Once a physician has determined the phrases and keywords potential patients are using to search for reliable professionals in the area, they need to be used online in a strategical manner to be effective. This includes use on the official website and other locations online. Integrating as many of the special phrases as possible can help boost ranking in search engine results on a popular websites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Consider keyword usage

Using keywords several times within the content can improve rankings on search engine result pages. Most medical professionals want to come up on the first page of results, preferably first. The more keyword phrases that are used in the content—and the higher the quality—the more likely medical professionals will see results from their SEO advertising campaign.

Stay on top of SEO trends in the medical world

Just like procedures and techniques are constantly evolving in the medical field, the world of search engine optimizing is similar. SEO campaigns change over time, and the key factor is adapting as quickly as possible. Without staying on top of these trends, old techniques may be considered obsolete and a professional’s website may drop dramatically in rankings. It is essential that those running SEO campaigns stay abreast of changes and improvements in SEO advertising and addressing them within websites to stay relevant.

Quality content is critical

Algorithms in the major search engines have completely changed to ensure the websites that rank highest have solid, quality content. In the past, many companies would use what were called “black hat techniques” which may have included keyword stuffing to improve rankings. Now the emphasis is not only on phrases and keywords but how they are used in content and how the public benefits from this content. Custom content is a major element in SEO campaigns that cannot be overlooked.

SEO knowledge + quality content = success

When developing an SEO campaign, it is best to focus on using key phrases and words within quality content that is informative and relevant. This ensures maintaining higher rankings in search engine results without falling prey to outdated techniques.

By using the techniques above, medical professionals can keep their practice in business for longer with continued traffic from their online presence. Long-term success can be guaranteed with effective advertising methods, which is why SEO knowledge and quality content are at the forefront of any SEO advertising campaign for the medical field.

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