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To become more visible on the internet, it is essential for practices to utilize dental SEO. SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization,” is a specific method of techniques utilized in getting websites to rank higher on search engines such as

By owning a website URL or domain name (, you are essentially owning a piece of land on the internet. The domain name address may or may not have value, just like if you have purchased land in New York City versus a plot in the middle of the Arizona desert. Developing a dental website with SEO experts is similar to building a commercial building—the land now has value but the job is not complete.

If you think back to the point at which you started your dental practice, you’ll know that opening the doors is not the only thing needed to get patients coming in. Dental marketing was necessary to get potential clients to walk in your door. This may have been through mail marketing, referrals, or other dentist marketing campaigns. Other dental practices may have been lucky enough to open their practice in a high demand area to where they were able to bring patients in the door without a dime in marketing—but this is rarely the case. This same idea applies to the marketing of a dental website. Having the website is just the first step, but you need to put into place some marketing techniques to get visitors to your domain. This is where dental SEO is necessary. It is the key to getting potential patients to your website, or your commercial real estate on internet property!

Dental SEO Strategies Help Get Your Dental Practice to the Top of Search Results and Generate More Leads


Dental SEO

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An example of how dental SEO works starts with a simple search engine request. Individuals seeking dental care in the Chicago area might type in “Chicago dentist.” Thousands of results may be returned. Potential patients see some of the higher-ranking websites first, which leads them to believe they have more credibility. Does this transfer into the real work? It does not. In the internet marketplace, it just means they have invested more time and money into developing effective dental SEO.

How are website rankings determined? These rankings are often developed based on how many people have referred to your site online. This is known as “backlinking.” Referrals to your website from other websites essentially gives you more credibility. In many cases, with today’s online businesses, this often means an SEO professional has worked extremely hard at properly promoting a website and building relevant referrals. Backlinking is also known as off-page SEO and is an essential part of proper search engine optimization for dental practice.

Another element of dental SEO comes into play in regards to the structure and relevant content available on your website. While search engines are essentially robots that “crawl” your webpage and gather information that is easily understood, they are unable to take into account quality of service or community credibility. They use analytics to determine how relevant your content is by taking into account specific keywords used within it. They are programed to understand good website structure and bad website structure. This means that an SEO professional needs to fully comprehend the inner workings of an SEO robot used by a search engine to properly control whether or not a site is determined relevant or credible. This practice is known as on-page SEO. On-page SEO may mean integrating special keywords into content in a natural an organic way to allows these robots to deem your website credible and relevant. This is done with titles, tags, and coding done behind the scenes in webpage code.

To have an effective dental SEO marketing strategy, dental practices must employ these two elements together as one: off-page SEO and on-page SEO. SEO companies such as Solution21 is well-versed in providing these services and assisting dental practices in ranking higher on search engines with strategically placed off-page and on-page SEO methodologies. Contact our company today to learn more about improving your dental website’s search engine ranking and bringing in more patients than ever imagined! Call or email to learn more about our strategies to build your online commercial real estate.

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