Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Dental/Medical


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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Dental and Medical Practices

When you are the owner of a new dental or medical practice, you want to quickly get patients into your office. In order to do this, you need to develop an affordable and effective marketing campaign that provides reliable results. Before the internet, this used to be an expensive endeavor, but now, with today’s technology, business owners can easily advertise their company for a fraction of the cost of a traditional advertising campaign.

Advertising on the Internet

As more consumers are using the World Wide Web to shop for the services and goods they require, it makes sense that medical and dental offices begin to advertise in the same manner. No longer is it beneficial to advertise a new practice just in the local telephone book. As a dentist or a doctor, your specialty isn’t in advertising—it’s in your field of expertise. To achieve a profitable advertising campaign, it may need to be in the hands of a professional marketing service such as Solution21.

Getting Started

Before you can do anything else, you need to have a website presence. This needs to be an official website that includes photos of your facility, contact information for your business, and a description of the services you offer to the public. This will be the first step in getting started—you can’t bring potential patients to your practice online if you don’t have the proper foundation.

Make Sure People See the Website

It’s great that you have an official website, but you need to make sure it is visible and easy to find. This means including links to social media sites including Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps draw necessary attention to your practice and allow thousands of internet surfers to find information on the services you provide. Social media pages also attract “likes” and “followers” which allow you to keep in touch with your following.

Utilize Modern SEO

Modern SEO is not rocket science, but it does take some practice and understanding of search engine optimization to perfect. The basic element of SEO is to pay close attention to keywords and phrases that others in the community may use to search for a dental or medical practice. Keep these in mind when developing content. A good example for a Chicago area dental office is to consider keywords and phrases such as “Chicago dental specialist” or “Chicago pediatric dentist.”

Rank Content with Search Engines

Search engines such as Yahoo and Google have specific algorithms that help them understand how to rank certain websites and even social media pages. These include the keywords and phrases you considered in the last step. Take these keywords and phrases and use them within your website in content and also on the back end in meta tags and description tags.

Hire Help if Needed

Sometimes it may be easier to consider the assistance of a marketing agency that specializes in SEO marketing campaigns. Solution21 is a quality marketing company that knows how to provide industry-specific SEO campaigns that are tried and true for medical and dental professionals.  If you need to get started, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in hiring out the work you do not feel qualified to perform.

Over time, as you become more familiar with how internet marketing works, you will notice there is a completely different world of advertising available for you to expand and grow your business. With today’s ever-growing internet, seeking professional assistance may be a wise choice to speed the transition from traditional marketing methods to SEO marketing.

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